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Patent File Histories

Information and ordering of Patent File Wrappers / Patent File Histories

File histories/wrappers contain all the correspondence between the United States Patent Office and the Applicant, often referred to as: Patent file wrapper, Prosecution history estoppe, File-wrapper estoppel

Our staff has been working with the and obtaining patent documents including file wrappers, assignments and certified PTO documents for over 20 years. We understand every detail involved in accessing, property requesting and providing copies of any patent file wrapper and at the same time preparing proper forms to obtain access the fastest way possible to fit your needs and budget. We eliminate duplicate cited refs, files or NPL and reducing your cost whenever possible.

We cross reference and research every source to obtain the documents you need. Through investigating any related applications or file wrapper for possible, typos, misspellings etc. to insure all sources have been extensively checked even when if not available in US we will cross reference availability through foreign patent office's. at the same time checking for those miss-entered dates, names, titles etc., any documents, filings, priority documents, etc.

Foreign File Histories

We can provide free estimates for all file history requests. * estimates may vary by country, based on the information available.

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